My first science & art project!

A few months ago, I got an exciting idea: to work on a science & art project with my mum! Why science? I have always been curious about science and I am currently doing a PhD on flood forecasting. Why art? I come from a family of artists on my mum’s side. Some of the best moments of my childhood were spent in my grandma’s art gallery, painting alongside her. I have recently become very interested in finding alternative ways to communicate my PhD research to people outside of my field. Art appeared as a natural tool for doing this!

The video below is my first science & art project!

In this video, I explain what my PhD is about to my mum, using non-technical words. We filmed my mum drawing her inspiration from these words. Through this project, I wanted to be able to tell my mum what my PhD was about, so that she could understand and relate to it. I also thought that it would be great to be able to visualise what my PhD research means to my mum, through her medium of expression: art. I have spent some wonderful times working on this project with my mum and am proud to say that my family now understands what I spend every day working on (yay!).

Sharing this video is my way to tell the world what I research and am passionate about, without having to use a bunch of fancy sounding words. Enjoy!


  • Hands: Dominique Caseneuve
  • Voice: Louise Arnal
  • Music: Julius Kreissig & Louise Arnal


  1. Beautiful art way to visualise concepts that even a hydrologist struggles to understand. Wonderful story behind it as well. I loved every element of it! Looking forward your next project, Louise!

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