Virtual Water Gallery

“Water is life. Water-related challenges affect everyone. We believe that sharing water perspectives across communities can help find creative and holistic solutions to the water challenges we all face. Launched in Summer 2020, the Virtual Water Gallery is a science & art pilot project that brings together artists, water experts, knowledge keepers, and the public, to collectively reflect on these challenges.”

In 2020, I started a postdoc at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), as both a scientist and an artist. As part of my new role, I wanted to create a space for talented artists and inspiring water experts to connect and share perspectives on water topics. This is how the Virtual Water Gallery was born, which I am lead curating together with other fantastic water experts and communication experts at the University of Saskatchewan. We connected 12 artists (including myself) with 13 water experts from the Global Water Futures programme. Due to the pandemic, collaborations and the gallery were fully virtual to connect us all during times of social distancing. Through rich exchanges, they created beautiful science-inspired art pieces exhibited on the Virtual Water Gallery website (link above). Check out the beautifully diverse co-creations, as well as the external projects we are featuring on the website!

As part of this project, I collaborated with groundwater experts Grant Ferguson and Jennifer McIntosh. I wanted to take part as an artist as well as a curator to challenge myself and see what art I could create about a scientific topic I knew very little about. In this process, I have learnt so much and gained a lot of respect for artists’ and water experts’ drive, passions, curiosity & willingness to exchange.

We are currently making plans to bring the Virtual Water Gallery to life in an in-person exhibition!

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