Chaos experiment

This summer, I started working on my PhD SciArt project! This first little experiment is about chaos. Repeatedly falling on nails of random heights, the ball leaves a set of random traces of paint on the paper, as shown in the video below. Final result on the picture above!

This is just like in weather forecasting (a big component of my PhD) where small changes in the weather model starting conditions (the states of the atmosphere, ocean and land when the model starts to run – in this experiment the nails of random heights) can lead to largely different outcomes (or weather forecasts – in this experiment the traces of paint left by the ball). In chaos theory, this is also known as the “Butterfly Effect”. I recommend reading this very good post if you’d like to know more about chaos in forecasting!

The plan is to use this experiment to shape my PhD SciArt project. Watch this blog for more updates on my progress 🙂

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