Water@Reading away day: the Thames WaterBlitz

On 23rd April 2018, the Water@Reading team (including myself) went for a day of water sampling in the Thames River Basin.

This was part of a wider FreshWaterWatch Thames WaterBlitz event. FreshWaterWatch is an Earthwatch research project, that investigates the health of global freshwater ecosystems.

Here is a little comic strip I made to capture our day!

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My first science & art project!

A few months ago, I got an exciting idea: to work on a science & art project with my mum! Why science? I have always been curious about science and I am currently doing a PhD on flood forecasting. Why art? I come from a family of artists on my mum’s side. Some of the best moments of my childhood were spent in my grandma’s art gallery, painting alongside her. I have recently become very interested in finding alternative ways to communicate my PhD research to people outside of my field. Art appeared as a natural tool for doing this!

The video below is my first science & art project!

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